Saturday, August 14, 2010

Filling the Daily/ Weekly Pill Organizer

For many people this is only a few pills a day, for me, this is not the case...not by a long shot.
I separate them into 3 times a day...Morning, Afternoon, Nighttime...
These can have anywhere from 7 or 8 pills all the way up to 12-15 to be taken at one time...
I have developed the ability to swallow these larger amounts in 1 gulp!!!
I have base pain meds(3 pills) taken 3 times a day supplemented with breakthrough pain meds(1-2 pills) that are added as needed. 
In the morning, I have an Aspirin that HAS to be taken with the Coumadin in order for my body to process the Coumadin to effectively thin my blood.  Depending on the dosage that goes up and down based upon my PTINR blood causes VERTIGO @ higher dosages : (
Then there's the anti-nausea drugs, Zofran (during waking hours) and Phenergen (@ night as it knocks me out)...
Then, there's the asthma/allergy meds: Singular and Zyrtec along with an inhaler and several nebulizer meds, oh boy!!!
To top these concoctions off, there are NUMEROUS vitamins, minerals and supplements...
So there you have it, a day in the life of a young pharmaceutical consumer...
Please take care and God bless!!!
tia : )

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